oh bother~

My brush pen is drying up :( 
It looks cool now but I know it won’t last long …
Coffee break!
Hooray for completely inaccurate depictions of the moon.
But now I feel guilty about my never ending to do list (and all the hot water I was using)
Argh… Bleeding pens :(
I don’t know what I’m doing …
Eleven will always be “the doctor” for me. First one I ever watched. Childish & kind. That’s who he is.
Started watching Gotham. Can’t wait for the back stories!
#2 I liked the funny, dorky sailor moon best :P
Late to the party…
I thought I saw a pack of wild dogs today. Turns out the owner was just straggling behind …
can you tell I gave up halfway? what is fur anyways … -.-
Going through my playlist and I noticed a theme … Obsessive love


Addicted to You by Avicii
Finally watched The Grand Budapest Hotel!
Basically, it is a book explained to be a retelling of a story shared by a man who experienced it decades earlier…
Loved the cinematography though thought the changes in aspect ratio were strange. The bulk of the movie was in the smallest ratio! The ratio of that time frame? Maybe.
Coco and Kuro from Kuro, by Soumatou
Cute (& creepy) stories of a girl and her cat.

Ran out of non-Christmas wrapping paper so I improvised instead
(Don’t mind my messy desk :/ )

corgi template can be found here: http://paperkraft.blogspot.ca/2006/04/dog-days-of-summer.html

90’s animation! 
I don’t remember much about this show except for the fact that I thought the drawing style was very cool